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A very rare oportunity come along for Foreign artists to publish their works at JAPAN. A very BIG Japanese Publish Corp called Kadokawa Shoten, has open its doors for the first time in 30 years for Non-Japanese Illustrators and Comic Artists to try enter in this very crowded but not impossible market.

Recently Kadokawa Shoten has send letters to their Artists Employees (Like Dchan) asking us to point some artists over the world to make some tests for the company. We was watching DA because here are some of the most talented artists over the internet. And now Dchan, Hiroata Takao, Sho-u Tajima and Chun Nei Lieng have the mission of select 2 Artists to try the JOB at Japan. We decide to give this oportunity to DA artists and friends!

All peaople on DA can try the JOB but we must to remember that the Job is limited only for Japanese Comic Style ART, especially 2D Illustrators and Comic Artists. They usually give preference for Korean, Chinese, Thai, and French Artists, but this time it's open to all countries.

Job oportunities are:

2D Illustrators: - The interested must be able to create a full scene using other people characters and draw them folllowing the art line that the original creator will specify.
The interested must have any knowlegde like: Sketching, Inking, Painting (tradicional media), CG (Any softwares like photoshop and Painter).
Must have 3 colored illustrations to show quality to the editors

Comic Artists: - The interested must be able to make Original Comic Pages following Writer specifications. (They are not interested in writers right now)
Must have knowledge in: Fast Skecthing, Inking, Using Comic Tones or CG Comic tones by ComicStudio 2.0 or PowerTone for Photoshop.
Must have 3 comic pages to show quality to the editors.

All people interested must be able to work hard and maybe move to Japan. Kadokawa Shoten is in the business for 60 years and they are the Second most important Publish company in Japan. This means that the interested must be serious and a really good artist to try. We can't give you the company business mail, so Dchan, Hiroata Takao, Sho-u Tajima and Chun Nei Lieng will choose the Artists for the company and after we contact the artists all business details will be maded by the artists and the company. We will just analize the artist OK! Be nice with us!

Interested must fill this form, or send a note to Dchan or send a e-mail to or (Don't send any file in these e-mails)

REMEMBER If you don't feel good enough to try the job this time, don't worry this oportunity will come again next year. So you can improve your art and try other time.

ByE bYe dear DA friends... We hope you enjoy this oportunity and GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!
(Sorry for the bad english spelling)
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Clemhyn Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2009  Professional General Artist
Hi My name is Clem,Im a foreign student here in Japan studying Digital Animation (デジタルハリウッド大学;). Im also a "Deviously" Deviant member. I graduated a 4Years course in Fine Arts & Design-Painting and now Im studying 2D/3DCG. I read the "Foreign Artists can publish works in Japan" blog/announcement you posted in DA. I know that it was 5 years ago.but I was wondering if there are new oppurtunities or ybe job offers this year.. Im a tradtional art major guy, Im also good at 2Dillustrator&;photoshop &3DMayaCG...I hope you could answer this letter..thank you so much

sorry i doubled send this message to you.its because I forgot to give you the link to my artworks
beside sketching,oil painting,photoshop&3D,I lso love photography...I would greatly appreciate if you could comment on some of my works too,,thank you so much and Have a Nice day
engelszorn Featured By Owner May 12, 2003  Professional General Artist
Wow. I
raya Featured By Owner May 11, 2003  Professional General Artist
Well, as I told you before, I'd love to work in Kadokawa (it's one of my dreams), unfortunaly I'm only 17 years old and my art sucks.. ^_^;; I wish I had more experience.
I'd love to be a 2-d illustrator, my speciality is anime cell, but I don't think you want an anime illustrator now... ^_^;;

Anyways D-chan, I think this is a great opurtunity to anime artists, and I hope you find out the right person! Heart
dragongoddess Featured By Owner May 11, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooooh that sounds sweet! So when does this opportunity end? I hope I still have time ^^;
dchan Featured By Owner May 11, 2003  Professional General Artist
We has received so many Mails Forms!! OH GOD!! ^__^''
We are loving to see your works, thanks a lot neh!

kimitha Featured By Owner May 11, 2003
times like this i wish i could draw in a manga style, alas not for me. but good luck for those who go for it
dj-scorchio Featured By Owner May 11, 2003
This sounds like an amazing opertunity, and ill be really envious of whoever gets the job :) (Smile)
Im too young and crap at anime style drawings to even consider this, but i know theres a lot of tallent round here, so good luck!
n05feratu Featured By Owner May 10, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's a great oportunity for the Anime Artist... :p (Lick)
tiggerfactory Featured By Owner May 10, 2003
yow dchan!
thanks for sharing the imformation for the DA artists ^^
This is the kind of oportunity that everyone looks for! :) (Smile) I think the only thing that doesn't pleases very much is the fact of moving to japan -_- ''...
and u are leaving to japan... T-T Wish u good luck! ^^
Long live Dchan! :D (Big Grin)
angel-wings Featured By Owner May 10, 2003
ah wish i can.... but yeah.... T.T
afuji Featured By Owner May 10, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ohh thank you Dchan for telling us the date we should have it in by! ^_^ ohh I want to enter but ...*lol* MY art isnt good enough I think but I want to give it a try ^^ Is anyone else here thinking of submitting??
gunstar-red Featured By Owner May 10, 2003   Digital Artist
Ah so sweet I love the Engrish used in this post.
dchan Featured By Owner May 10, 2003  Professional General Artist
Me wants to say THANKS to cos he give me the idea to put this Information here to you all!!
Hope you all try cos it a very rare oportunity ^__^''

Good luck the deadline or 'due' date (i don't know how to say in english is JUN 10!! OK!
ZirTuan Featured By Owner May 10, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Sweet. :) (Smile)
goatism Featured By Owner May 10, 2003
i believe they were part of publishing stuff for evangelion, thats cool that they are opening up to everyone
nekoi-chan Featured By Owner May 10, 2003  Hobbyist Artist
Wow, that's a great oportunity!
Go for it people...and goodluck to you all!
thegrimreaper Featured By Owner May 10, 2003
Hey that's awesome! I'd like to get my stuff into Japan in the future...but I think I'll try next year ^_- Arigato for the info! I hope you pick someone good!
tryan Featured By Owner May 10, 2003
Cool:) (Smile)
mosskat Featured By Owner May 10, 2003
hey tell Fallout!!! CAN YOU IMAGINE HIS STORY GETTING PUBLISHED?? *big eyes*
lethium Featured By Owner May 10, 2003
cool im moving to japan too =D (Big Grin)
caoz Featured By Owner May 10, 2003
I wish I could draw like you my friend!!
It's a great chance for the great artists that are here in deviantART
afuji Featured By Owner May 10, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o_O omg~ Sounds really great - but what's the 'due' date for submitting things in??
bloodyproduction Featured By Owner May 10, 2003   Photographer
woah that sounds pretty sweet o_O

Thanks for the info
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