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September 20, 2008


Hello dear da friends!
I am still feeling the warm and nice vibe coming from you all, thanks for the visits, comments, favs, support, and mainly THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIENDS.

Some of you guys always say things about the colors I use in my works, well, I need to tell you that they are weird because I am colorblind.

Yes I am colorblindness.

It just don't have any relevance or importance to anybody but me, hehe. But it explains a lot about colors in my works.

My colorblindness is called Tritanomaly that is the most rare colorblindness level for man. Greens, blues and grays are almost the same stuff for me, that's why a lot of my works have warm colors.

When I was kid my mom thought I was crazy, my teachers said to my mom that I have some kind of mind problem... cuckoo, crazy and stuff like that. Well that because I really wasn't a normal kid... I walk strange, dress strange, think strange but above it all...
...All my drawings at school have some blue trees, green sky, blue and green roads and stuff like this.
So, I wasn't crazy... just colorblind!
I learned to deal with that, and thanks god... softwares has that "color picker tool"... it really helps a lot! And I always use something blue or green to serve as a comparing object in my daily life.

My brain works strange, when I had that stomatch cancer that almost kill me... I made a lot of tests, a lot of Doctors said that I really am a very strange individual. I walk using a walking stick, I can't eat normal food, I have a very strong level of dyslexia, and I have a enormous foot.. LOL!!! haha! And my brain process images different at low light environments, like night... so... I guess my teachers was kind of RIGHT..
I really am a little bit crazy.
But.. who's not?!

See ya good friends
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kowtow2MC Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008
Wow you really are the ultimate invividual !! :love:
But we loves you for that !!!!
zealousbunny Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008
é bom ser diferente o.o
burningflag Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008  Professional General Artist
Respect, man!
Your art is great, color selection beautiful and the ideas cute. At night I too react strangely to my environment, everything loox so different, it´s almost like in a dream. I love to ride a bicycle at night but it´s very dangerous for me, I feel like flying, everything is unreal, like in a PC game.

Keep on being strange and creating beautiful art, your fans need it :)
fizziekiwi Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008
I would never have guessed in a million years XD You are an amazing person :D
Lol, every artist is a little crazy <3
YannisZA Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008
Man! Now I know why I love your art so much!!! I'm COLORBLIND TOO!
draumstafur Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
You are colorblind :jawdrop:
Well, your art looks fucking amazing, so I don't really see a problem in that art wise :XD:
sombreroh Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2008
OMGOSH, really? I luv your colors though!! We all have our moments of crazy x_X
NinthLotus Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2008
Incredible... had you not said it, I would have never known! Still, any great artist has to have a certain level of insanity. Keep up to fantastic work you awesome dude!
HowlSeage Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
As an artist, you are totally allowed to be strange, in all ways. Lol. And no matter what seems to be pushing you back in some aspects, you are tearing the art scene apart! Keep pushing out that magic stuff, i love it, and im sure theres a whole load of other people who love it too!
Marcelo-Rodarte Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2008  Student Artist
tu jah eh um vencedor assim mesmo. akele problema do cancer te pertuba as vezes? tipo vc jah tah melhor?
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