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UPDATED 20.04.2007

DD - THANK YOU ALL! I'm kind of speachless!
I realy don't understand why DA give me a Daily Deviation, but I'm SOOO GRATEFUL, sooo Happy! I've been out for a looong time, and I just got back and people gave me a GOOD BIG WELCOME message party!
You guys are the best, thank you very, very very much for visiting me, thanks for the soo many nice words, thanks of course for the DD and the favs and the notes.
I'm replying slowly but I will talk with everyone, THANKS AGAIN!

Thanks to SlyDante for the indication for the DD, and Thanks to: Einion for the Daily Deviation. Awesome guys!
See ya


OLD?Original Journal entry: 17.04.2007


It's being 3 years since my last update in DA.
I'm very sorry for being hide all those years, but actually I don't hide from you. I just keep contact with a few people here.
And YES I was very sick, I had a very rare stomach CANCER, but I'm good now, I feel great and ready for jump, and kick and everything I was not able to do in last 3 years.

Thank you very much for all the kindness and nice words you gave me all these last years, I now... I'm BACK BABY!
Here are some things I want and need to say:


I'm actually working as a Designer, like I've been doing in last 14 years. I working as a Designer full time at CAVALERA a Brazilian clothing company, I've been doing Illustrations, Stamps and all kinds of graphic design works for them, including a LOT of works for:
SPFW (São Paulo Fashion Week) at Brazil.
I'm doing a lot of works for designers Books and Toys, I create a collective of  Brazilian Designers called, we make Cloths, Dolls and Toys for growing ups and Kids.
Our wesite will be released very soon, togheter with our new collection.


As people already know I worked in manga/anime industrie for Kadokawa Japan and a LOT and LOTS of clients, but all these people (clients, companies and enthusiastics), REALLY DON'T KNOW, how to work in a professional way.
They are not prepared and not ready for taking a large and massive production work. They disapoint me VERY HARD! I cut all my business relations with these people cos they don't keep their promisses and dates.
I do not work anymore with Manga and Anime illustrations. I'm sorry, don't ask me for professional works of this kind anymore.
I love Manga an Anime, always will... I love the people and I'm always will draw manga, but now... I will do personal, and just for fun!


Besides my Cancer decease, I had serious problems with the "getting a litte famous" status. People kind of follow me everywhere I go, they talk and tell thing form eachother, things that NEVER happen, things I never do... and Places I never been, it was kind of funny for some time, but it kinds of creeps me like hell. That's was the second reason for my Hiding behavior. The other thing was, I REALLY GOT SICK! I was having some serious pain, all time, all day and people don't respect that... all my good/close friends, help me to hide and they all say, including some doctors: "do it now, or will be late".
Well that's it.
OLD WEBSITE: it was hacked! Some punk hack it... and I don't have the control of it in last 4 years. IS NO LONGER MY WEBSITE!


There is some links below, if you want to see and know what me and my friends will be doing, just check them in future. OKIDOKI! - Designers doing Cloths, Dolls and Toys
WeeNeeds Flickr - My FLICKR ACCOUNT: - My new Website.

(Sorry for my bad english writing)
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HiiiiyAAAA!!! Wassuuup?! ~~^,^~~'
Hellow my dear friends!! How are YA all?
It's been a long time since my last contact, sorry people!

These days I've been working hard, I'm very busy doing some illustrations and Design concepts for WebSites everything at the same time (I'm getting nuts ¬_¬''). I need to make more 5 or 6 illustrations for the next 4 days! AHHHHH!!! O_o' BUT loke I said before... Drawing manga is the best thing ever! ^__^''

Well like many people knows, I am very, very very sick right now. I trying to work like a normal person but sometimes the pain is sooooo strong that I Fall on the ground and sleep deeply... for hours.
My Ulcer becomes something worse and now my treatment is very hard, stressing and expensive... basicaly all my economies (money) it's been used to pay the hospital bills.
I don't want to explaing now my problems, but I'm really glad that you care about me people.. I LUV YOU!!

So I can't upload new illusts in next month (I think), but I will try OK!! Ohhhh! I'm visiting DA everytime and continue to read all messages.. but now I don't have much time to reply them all, but I will try OK!? I luv your very nice and helpful comments!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH my dear DA friends!

So.. ByE ByE... and THANKS AGAIN!! :hug:
A very rare oportunity come along for Foreign artists to publish their works at JAPAN. A very BIG Japanese Publish Corp called Kadokawa Shoten, has open its doors for the first time in 30 years for Non-Japanese Illustrators and Comic Artists to try enter in this very crowded but not impossible market.

Recently Kadokawa Shoten has send letters to their Artists Employees (Like Dchan) asking us to point some artists over the world to make some tests for the company. We was watching DA because here are some of the most talented artists over the internet. And now Dchan, Hiroata Takao, Sho-u Tajima and Chun Nei Lieng have the mission of select 2 Artists to try the JOB at Japan. We decide to give this oportunity to DA artists and friends!

All peaople on DA can try the JOB but we must to remember that the Job is limited only for Japanese Comic Style ART, especially 2D Illustrators and Comic Artists. They usually give preference for Korean, Chinese, Thai, and French Artists, but this time it's open to all countries.

Job oportunities are:

2D Illustrators: - The interested must be able to create a full scene using other people characters and draw them folllowing the art line that the original creator will specify.
The interested must have any knowlegde like: Sketching, Inking, Painting (tradicional media), CG (Any softwares like photoshop and Painter).
Must have 3 colored illustrations to show quality to the editors

Comic Artists: - The interested must be able to make Original Comic Pages following Writer specifications. (They are not interested in writers right now)
Must have knowledge in: Fast Skecthing, Inking, Using Comic Tones or CG Comic tones by ComicStudio 2.0 or PowerTone for Photoshop.
Must have 3 comic pages to show quality to the editors.

All people interested must be able to work hard and maybe move to Japan. Kadokawa Shoten is in the business for 60 years and they are the Second most important Publish company in Japan. This means that the interested must be serious and a really good artist to try. We can't give you the company business mail, so Dchan, Hiroata Takao, Sho-u Tajima and Chun Nei Lieng will choose the Artists for the company and after we contact the artists all business details will be maded by the artists and the company. We will just analize the artist OK! Be nice with us!

Interested must fill this form, or send a note to Dchan or send a e-mail to or (Don't send any file in these e-mails)

REMEMBER If you don't feel good enough to try the job this time, don't worry this oportunity will come again next year. So you can improve your art and try other time.

ByE bYe dear DA friends... We hope you enjoy this oportunity and GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!
(Sorry for the bad english spelling)