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Na-Nika Dream - What by dchan Na-Nika Dream - What by dchan

How are ya my friends? :hug:
Well, I'm here again with more Rough-Sketchy Blablabla and Bla-Weird Drawings. This a very Crazy illustration. Can you see Ghosts even wake or sleep? She can!! O_o''.

Translation of Japanese words
- What?
- Are you thinking that it is strange?
Maybe you should wake up first.

Well I hope you like this drawing even this one being a fast weird and ugly illustration... LOL

ByE ByE Friends!!

- Original size 2356x4698px
- Graffiti Pen Skecth on A3 Paper
- Colors (Painter 7, Crayons, Watercolor and Oil Brush)
- Finish work and Ornaments (Photoshop 7)

Produced by Dchan and Mizukara Studios - All Rights Reserved © 2003
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Superchicken04 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2004
Superchicken04 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2004
fu-rin-ka-zan Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
*gasp* *dies* (ur art killed me it's THAT good!)
TheBlueUmbrella Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2004
ahaha- >< that`s totally awsome!!! yoi yoi!!!
boo-fucking-hoo Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2003
simply amazing !!!
you have infinite talent !!!!
DeliriousDreams Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2003  Professional Writer
Tha's kinda strange, in a really cool way...
elf-shojo Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2003   Artist
i loooove it! plus the whole concept is awesome. :D
and that eye! it's so creepy but it's so cool at the same time!
nightcat82 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2003  Hobbyist Artist
O_O feel good!! #4 feel good pic!!! *_* rusty colouring always make me go "yay"
bobkitty Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2003
This is so impressive...
Your use of colours and touch of your own looks really good.
I'm not in the best comment-mood, but I try my best, for I can't just leave these un-commented... O_O
dreamspires Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2003
This is really lovely! I like the perspective and the slightly creepy disjointed look of it. *sigh* Now I have to save up my money for a print!

^__^ Lovely job!
pu Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
This is too lovely for words xox
deathscythe02 Featured By Owner May 26, 2003
i love the eye an hand! :D (Big Grin)
vingador Featured By Owner May 24, 2003
Bom trabalho... muito expressivo.
vingador Featured By Owner May 24, 2003
Cool job... very expressive.
tsuteru Featured By Owner May 6, 2003
What can I would say that no one was said before? Rightly to my favs!w00t!
vedjita Featured By Owner May 6, 2003
Clap +fav
sweetyt Featured By Owner May 4, 2003
eeeee very kewl idea.... the eye and face and hand in the bg r awesome.. and here u go again with ur awesome skill on perspective.... awesome colorin too.. and i really like the colors u used
arwenita Featured By Owner May 3, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
ooOooOO_OOOoOOoo wow.... i love your work :| (Blank Stare)
ukitakumuki Featured By Owner May 1, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
this is one of the most wonderful of your pics... to me..

amazing colours and mood, i love the way the character stares into nothingness and nothingness stares back at her..

! amazing.. +fav
hellangel Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
whoa totally friggin amazingly original awesome job love your style its just pure original and love this has an awesome mood and feel.
seperated Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2003   Writer
Oh I your works are marvelous. I can't stand people telling: "ohhh what a great shadow, what a great use of this and that" Prehaps I am wrong and this really means a lot.
batness Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2003
I love the overall look and feel of this...yes.
I like the barcode, the watercolor, the paint...everything.
JuliaDunin Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2003  Professional Photographer
yey...this looks just georgous! watercolours? i like yo new style... more optimistic and ...warm :) (Smile) anyway, still love yo style :D (Big Grin)
dfire Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2003
This is extremely surreal.. and I too am wondering how long it took you to do this. It takes a lot of hard work and talent to draw a piece like this. What was your dream about? If you don't mind me asking. Or better yet, when are you starting on your manga? I'd really love to read it.
skeezix Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2003   Writer
I love this. It reminds me of the work of Junji Ito, one of my favorite manga artists. I am so faving this, and you're going on my watch too. I must see more of your amazing work!
dan-matoh Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2003
My goodness look at the wonder you have created this time o_O;;; I amazed that you were able to meld the angle of the picture with that background it just all comes together. And the character is clean also. This is now a favorite of mine. nice job ^_^
supuu Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2003
somehow this makes me think of MPD Psycho and I just LOVE it *___*!!! your work never stop to amaze me.. too pro and beautiful! and you always come up with great idea. *bows* and I also like the words you put there too ^_____^ I would very much love to read this comic of yoursssss *__*
sarcastro Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2003
this is awesome... your artowrk is incredible *adds this to his favourites*
atomic-flux Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2003  Professional Traditional Artist
awesome simply awesome
alcatote Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2003
Wow, all the different things you used to make this picture ^o^ You're so talented. Very creepy picture! I think I'd freak out and run away if I saw big ghost eyes and other body parts popping out of the ground like that O_o
Another lovely piece Dchan! ^_^
mude Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2003  Professional General Artist
OUtro que T_T..Ah dchan vai te danar!!! ,ficou show esse desenho!!!O_Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh eu queria etar andando por um lugar assim ^O^!!!

a pintura ficou foda!!! parece aquarela etal pararde desenhar ......seu dai dai de uma figa!!! ta no meu favorito ^O^

hey! visit my gallery!!^O^THX!!
miru-muru Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2003
AMAZING! =*.*= +Fav! =^--=^ Oh, and best of LUCK! =^o^=
alface Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2003   Interface Designer
Oque posso dizer....hummm.....È MARAVILHOSO!!!!
Você está cada vez melhor cara!!! Parabéns!!!

=) (Smile)
sibie Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
Wow.. that's wonderful. I really don't know what to say that hasn't been said already.
I love it. :3
yoriku Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003   Writer
WAA, TOTEMO SUGOI!!! Kimi no e ga suki desu yo! kanji o zenzen shirimasu, demo (ok, so im horrible at japanese... so sue me... hehe) thanx for the translation!! now, i am going to go learn those characters!!! hehe
jyoozu, ne?
Matt :D (Big Grin)
senorphrog Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
That's absolutely incredible work, Dchan. The style of both penwork and painting is so professional, I'm stunned by how utterly beautiful it is. The concept is wonderful--spooky, but loveable--and the whole composition of the piece, from the awesome positioning to the environment in autumn hues is astounding. I simply love this piece. I'm extremely impressed by your work, and am going to have to check out your gallery ^.^ Also, your mild Engrish amuses me greatly--please, keep it up! :D (Big Grin)
swiss-army-bot Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
It's just fantastic! I absolutely love it! if only I could do that...
mirime Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
damn, that's gorgeous!! i love the composition~!! and i love the hand~!! :D (Big Grin) great work! O_o
ruriko Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
OMG Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....... Worship
animepimp Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003  Student
nice... Like the colors and the composistion. :) (Smile)
madcapa Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
it's like i'm watching Spirited Away again...i love this got MAD skill
thundersaber Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003



furlong Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
woooooooooonderfull art
man i can´t wait to hold in my hands a manga published by you, brasilian fella ^_^
don´t forget to hire some of us as assistents at least ¬_¬
plug-28 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
Great illustrations! You´ve done it once more! It´s a really disturbing picture! Specially that eye poping from the floor and looking to the character its really scary. Good job!
urienne Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
you always say that you're drawings are weird, but they are NOT! stop talking like this!
your new pic is awesome, as always, and I'm really impressed that you use so many different materials! thumbs up! =D (Big Grin) when I'm older, I want to draw like you do. *sigh*
anime-club Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
oh yhe ! ! ! ! This is just ... AMAZING !

a dchan work ... what else do you want ?
engelszorn Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003  Professional General Artist
*sigh* I love Painter, too - but i stick with Painter Classic. Painter 7 is bit too complicated for me :) (Smile) I like the colours here...
kyuu Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
Beautiful...the color and feel of this pic are superb, your talent and pool of originality never ceases to amaze me. Wonderful work, there's no other way to describe it -^_^-
pdtnc-stock Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
beautifull image :) (Smile)
minea Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003   Photographer
Breathtaking... Everything is just like in a dream; the colours, the surrealistic style... Wow. And the kid there looks just wonderful. The Japanese writing fits the painting very well too. Gorgeous job! +fav
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